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Take photo of your questions, and get video explanation and marking scheme instantly!

For the same question, there are multiple videos explained by different teachers in BM, English and Chinese videos.

Now you have the choice to learn SPM Addmath in your favourite language, taught by your favourite teacher.

You can also search by typing the question name or any part of question text. e.g. 2020 Kelantan Addmath P2 Q1

Currently, the app question bank is mostly Addmath trial questions. We are working hard to add more SPM Trial questions to the app.

Please enjoy =) Good luck for your SPM exam!

User Guide

You can get solution video and mark scheme for your SPM questions by 2 ways 😍

Take Photo 📷

  1. Tap on the button "Search Quesiton by Camera"
  2. Give permission to SPM Solved App to access the camera through Settings > Privacy
  3. Capture a photo of the question, and crop it such that only 1 question is present in the photo.
  4. You will be presented a list of questions cards similar to the one in the photo captured.
  5. Tap on the the right question to go to the page with video solution and mark scheme for it.

Type in Search Bar 🔍

  1. Provide the "state", "paper type" and "question number" of the paper. For example, by typing "Kelantan P2 Q9" in the search bar.
  2. Tap into the picture under "2020 Kelantan Addmath P2 Q9" and you will be able to view the questions, answer and the explanation video.

If question not found? 😞 Try Again

  1. Ensure the photo of the question captured with camera is clear. (with or without the diagram is fine).
  2. Search for unique keywords in the question, such as "quadrilateral plane" as shown in "2020 Kelantan P2 Q7". It can be done by manually typing / crop specific region of quetion photo.
  3. if all else failed, the question you searching for may not be in our database yet. 😐 Currently, we mostly have Addmath Trial questions in our database. We are working incredibly hard to add in more questions, stay tune for more ya.

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